What will you find under the Christmas tree for a super GO.ZY. Christmas?

  1. Your Christmas tree is:

    • Traditional
    • Crazy, with colored decorations
    • White and glamour
    • Made of recycled materials
  2. Your favorite wrapping paper:

    • is done with fashion magazines papers
    • can completely be customized
    • is covered with Christmas trees, deer and snow flakes
    • glittered and eye-catching
  3. It's the 23 December afternoon and:

    • You're late, you still have to buy the gifts!
    • You're helping your mother cooking sweets
    • You have a face mask on while having a manicure to be ready for the holiday
    • You're busy decorating your house
  4. Holiday Emoji :

  • Fashion accessory

    You're cool and you've got lots of style… a fashion accessory can't be missing under your Christmas tree!

  • Photo Album

    The perfect gift for you? A photo album with the most Go.Zy. pictures of you and your best friends!

  • Photographic camera

    The perfect gift for you is a camera you can use to capture the most nice moments of family parties!

  • Vacantion

    You're a free spirit, full of ideas and creativity! The perfect gift for you is a super GO.ZY. vacation!

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