Music playlist for a Maggie style day!

Music playlist for a Maggie style day!

I’m never without my yellow headphones, do you know why? Cuz, in this way, I can listen to my favorite music at any time during the day!

Do you want to know which are the songs I mostly listen to?

Read here!

MORNING: as soon as the alarm clock starts ringing I’m already overflowing with lots of ideas! For a good start I need The Soundtrack of our Lives!

AFTERNOON: the must have after classes? Max’ Milky Way! And the perfect soundtrack is Relationship Game! (and it’s not just for my guitar solo that’s sooo Go.Zy.!)

EVENING: For sweet dreams I listen to Come le Star. It makes me think about my friends and at the incredible adventures lived with the band!

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Listen to our GO.ZY. songs here!

What about you? Do you have a super Go.Zy. playlist that tunes your day?