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Glittered and GO.ZY. Christmas balls

Are you ready, guys, for the most glamourous, shining and magical holiday of the year?

Christmas is coming and to make my tree glamour (just like me), I thought of a very easy, but super trendy idea.

Here is what you need:

- See-through glass balls

- Coloured glitters 

- Vinyl glue

Take a ball, take off the hook and pour inside a small amount of glue.

Turn the ball around to spread the glue evenly and, before it dries, put the glitters in and... shake it!

You can choose the colours you prefer, I chose my favourite ones: gold and silver.

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Try and... happy shining holidays!

Super chic DIY rings!

Even though holidays are over, it's always the right time to shine as divas. How so? With unique and glittered accessories like DIY rings, that can be customized in a super fashion way!

Want to learn how to create them? Read here below.

This is all you'll need (purchasable at a haberdashery shop):
-ring base
-beads, bows or multicolored flowers
-vinyl glue

1) using the materials of your choice, made a super chic bow and add beads and glitter

2) Spread the vinyl glue on the ring base

3) Let dry and… GO.ZY.! Your ring's ready! And now copy, wear and show off!

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Bianca’s 2017 Calendar!

Yeah, I’m definitely the most organized person I know!

I have to if I always want to have a perfect and flawless look, I have to coordinate myself with the days of the week, seasons, parties, Milky Way’s concerts, Fashion Weeks… In other words, I need a calendar to keep up with myself!

If you also wanna be always organized as I am and you don’t wanna miss a date with the latest fashion trends (or with a special boy J ), download here the exclusive 2017 calender!


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You can hang it in your bedroom or over your desk!

Mine has already been filled up with social events! Hurry up to fill yours too and start this new year in Bianca’s style!

Learn to make a sophisticated DIY bracelet!

I love DIY accessories! Especially because when you make your own jewelry you can be sure that it will be really UNIQUE!

Today I want to reveal you one of my most secret secret to create a wonderful and sophisticated pearl bracelet! Perfect to give a ladylike and elegant touch to any outfit.

Here's what you need:

- needle

- elastic thread

- small pearls (approximately 15)

- black and pink (my favorite color!) ribbon

And now, follow the steps below! 

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Et voilà! You're super glamour bracelet is ready!