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A Maggie style phone-holster!

Hello everyone!

If you also run out of room because you have to share your room with a bulky.. (ahem…) roommate, you, you’re aware for sure that you have to make the most of every corner, even when you have to recharge your smartphone!

That’s why I came up with an idea that combines business… with upcyle!

Get ready with a rectangle of fabric, some thread and just do as I did.

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I made one for Bianca too… Do you think she’s gonna like it?

Maggie’s tiny notebook is so Go.Zy.!

If you’re also one of those who’s always taking messy notes and you’re looking for the perfect tiny notebook to keep in your rucksack or purse… You’re just in time!

I just completed a super Go.Zy. project: a printable tiny notebook that can be customized! You can find it here!

Download all the pages, fold them into half and bind them together by making little pierces and inserting a ribbon or by using a stapler!

Customize it, write down on it all your secrets, draw your sketches (just as I do) or point out all the fashion ideas that comes to your mind! In other words, create your own Go.Zy. customized tiny notebook!

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Isn’t that so coool?

What is GO.ZY.?

GO.ZY. is my favorite word because for me everything is always completely GO.ZY.!

What does it mena? It's a word I created. It comes from “Go Crazy”. It’s perfect for all those moments

when your feelings are uncontrollable or when something makes you go crazy! It’s a sort of "WOW" or "LOL", but… more Maggie style! J

Have fun creating your own special word, and use it while chatting with your friends or to customize your notebooks, outfits and accessories… Just as I do!

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