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3 rules to draw super GO.ZY. fashion sketches

Drawing sketches is super GO.ZY. and it's one of my favourite activities! I can express all my creativity and passion for fashion

Would you like to learn how to draw sketches like those Ms. Tucker makes us draw at the Milan Fashion Academy? Then, follow these 3 rules:

1) get some paper (better if large sheets), a pencil and lots of colours

2) start from an idea and a style! Do you want to create a skirt for school? Or a dress for a special night out with your girl friends?

3) Draw a vertical line, a circle for the head and a thin rectangular for the body. Then take care of the details. 

body image

Give it a try too! I can't wait to see your creations!

A super GO.ZY. Return to school!

Hey guys!

Are you ready to go back to school? I know, it can be difficult, but don't worry, because school can also be super GO.ZY.

Do want to know how? Here are 3 tips to give it the right start:

- Have a hearty and fresh breakfast: yoghurt, cereal, jam and croissants. It's much better to start the day with a tasty breakfast

- Choose a colourful and merry outfit to start with a smile

- Remember that going to school also means catching up your friends again! I can't wait to see everybody again... yes, even Nausica!

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Ready for the fisrt day at school? Follow my tips!

Summer hair styles!

Summer has come! Super GO.ZY.! 

So many colors,  days out with your friends and lots of new ideas for a super unique style.

My favorite hair style? Here is the TOP 3:  

- colored braid with satin thread… perfect for a funny and radiant look! 

- hair down with a colored hair band, natural! 

- crown headband braid, elegant… and Bianca approved! 

body image

Which is your favorite one? 

Maggie's colours of good mood!

Hi guys! Did you know that colours have the power to put us in a good mood and help us face the day with the right energy?

Here are my favourites:

- orange: the colour of fun and joy, it can never miss in my wardrobe!

- blue: the colour of jeans, relaxing and delicate! Perfect to keep anxiety at bay...

- green: the colour of harmony and 100% green! Makes me think of nature and recycling, that's super GO.ZY.!

  body image

What about you? What colour represents you?

Music playlist for a Maggie style day!

I’m never without my yellow headphones, do you know why? Cuz, in this way, I can listen to my favorite music at any time during the day!

Do you want to know which are the songs I mostly listen to?

Read here!

MORNING: as soon as the alarm clock starts ringing I’m already overflowing with lots of ideas! For a good start I need The Soundtrack of our Lives!

AFTERNOON: the must have after classes? Max’ Milky Way! And the perfect soundtrack is Relationship Game! (and it’s not just for my guitar solo that’s sooo Go.Zy.!)

EVENING: For sweet dreams I listen to Come le Star. It makes me think about my friends and at the incredible adventures lived with the band!

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Listen to our GO.ZY. songs here!

What about you? Do you have a super Go.Zy. playlist that tunes your day?

What is GO.ZY.?

GO.ZY. is my favorite word because for me everything is always completely GO.ZY.!

What does it mena? It's a word I created. It comes from “Go Crazy”. It’s perfect for all those moments

when your feelings are uncontrollable or when something makes you go crazy! It’s a sort of "WOW" or "LOL", but… more Maggie style! J

Have fun creating your own special word, and use it while chatting with your friends or to customize your notebooks, outfits and accessories… Just as I do!

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