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DIY rings… super GO.ZY.!

Hello guys!

I found the perfect way to recycle all the accessories of Tucker's class! Buttons, wires, various multicolored fabrics…  all perfect meterials for DIY rings!

Want to learn how to create them? This is all you need:
- ring base
buttons, wire and recyled materials
- vinyl glue

1) Add a layer of glue on the ring base 
2) Glue the buttons, the crinkled fabrics or the wire after shaping it - I usually prefer "abstract" shapes, but you can also try with a heart or a star.
3) Let it dry

Are you ready to wear your super Go.Zy. and 100% eco friendly creation?

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Rock & GO.ZY. Christmas Stars!

Christmas is too Go.Zy! I love this holiday… it's full of colored lights, delicious sweets, trees decorated with many DIY objects and a lot of presents.

But you know what I like most? Decorating my room to make it warm and cozy! This year I'm gonna create lots of garlands made of rocking colored stars, with Bianca's touch: sparkling glitter!

body image

You should try it too!

Download the stars from here, cut them out and connect them with a thread. Add glue and a lot of colored glitter on the white stars. To top it off, cover the glitters with a layer of transparent nail polish for a even more iper-mega-GO.ZY. effect!

Merry Christmas Fashion Friends!

Learn how to make your own Rock & GO.ZY. Wristband!

Our super live tour started out great, and to keep my style always original and GO.ZY.

I created the must-have accessory a true rockstar should never forget: a studded wristband!  

body image

Do you want to try and create one? Just collect the material and follow the instructions! 

Here is what you need:

- resistant cloth, leather or boiled wool

- velcro 

- metal studs and rhinestones (find them at an haberdashery!)

- glue gun

1) Cut a rectangle of the fabric or material of your choice, 20 cm x 10 cm should be enough

2) with the glue gun, glue alternately studs and rhinestones 

3) glue two pieces of velcro on the edges to close the cuff and wear it whenever you want

Super GO.ZY., isn't it? Create one of your own and wear it at our next concerts! 

Stencil for a GO.ZY. summery look!

Hey, everyone!

I’m so excited! Summer is about to come… beach, holidays, new inspirations and fashion ideas for a summer look that will be unique and 100% GO.ZY.! How? With the t-shirt stencils that you can find here!

body image

Download and print them on cardboard before cutting them out. Further instructions here below:

-   choose the t-shirt you want to customize and place a piece of paper or paper towel in the middle

-   stick the stencil on it with some tape

-   choose the color (poster colors are perfect), put it in a bowl and add some water

-   use a sponge to transfer the color on the shirt, make sure you remain inside the stencil

-   let it dry for at least an entire day, iron it (ask for your Mom’s help) and… Go.Zy.! The t-shirt’s ready!

Try it!

DIY bookmarks… super GO.ZY.!

Hey guys!

You all know how much I LOVE reading, especially those books about fashion and famous stylists. They’re one of my biggest source of inspiration! The one and only problem is that I often get distracted and lose track… this is why I created a super Go.Zy. solution for a DIY bookmark!

body image

I prepared 3 of them and you can find them here, here and here! Choose your favorite, print it on a cardboard and use the “Maggie side” when you feel more alike me, and the “Bianca side” when you feel more alike the Frosty Ice Queen!

Go.Zy. IDEA: glue a small magnet on the two inner extremities! In this way you’ll not risk to lose it (I always lose everything!)

A Maggie style phone-holster!

Hello everyone!

If you also run out of room because you have to share your room with a bulky.. (ahem…) roommate, you, you’re aware for sure that you have to make the most of every corner, even when you have to recharge your smartphone!

That’s why I came up with an idea that combines business… with upcyle!

Get ready with a rectangle of fabric, some thread and just do as I did.

body image

I made one for Bianca too… Do you think she’s gonna like it?

Maggie’s tiny notebook is so Go.Zy.!

If you’re also one of those who’s always taking messy notes and you’re looking for the perfect tiny notebook to keep in your rucksack or purse… You’re just in time!

I just completed a super Go.Zy. project: a printable tiny notebook that can be customized! You can find it here!

Download all the pages, fold them into half and bind them together by making little pierces and inserting a ribbon or by using a stapler!

Customize it, write down on it all your secrets, draw your sketches (just as I do) or point out all the fashion ideas that comes to your mind! In other words, create your own Go.Zy. customized tiny notebook!

body image

Isn’t that so coool?