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Here are the rules to date a cute guy!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and, even if I really don’t like all that lovey-dovey stuff, it’s extremely important to be prepared for the date with your beloved boy! Here are the rules you always have to follow (Maggie, please take notes!)

RULE N.1: Don’t bite your nails! You rather have to get a well done manicure and chose a nail polish that matches your outfit. I’ll go for a glitter nail art with total black hearts… elegant and super rock!

RULE N.2: When you receive the invitation text message, you must answer within 57 seconds, or he’ll think you’re not so interested after all. NOT GOOD!

RULE N.3: Spare no details… Not even the toenail polish or the purse!

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Obviously there are many other rules too, but this seems to me a pretty good starting point for the perfect date! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Learn to make a sophisticated DIY bracelet!

I love DIY accessories! Especially because when you make your own jewelry you can be sure that it will be really UNIQUE!

Today I want to reveal you one of my most secret secret to create a wonderful and sophisticated pearl bracelet! Perfect to give a ladylike and elegant touch to any outfit.

Here's what you need:

- needle

- elastic thread

- small pearls (approximately 15)

- black and pink (my favorite color!) ribbon

And now, follow the steps below! 

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Et voilà! You're super glamour bracelet is ready!  

Here's the top 3 rules for perfect selfies!

Lots of people ask me how I happen to be always so perfect and flawless in every picture so, today, I decided to reveal you 3 of my main secrets (I can not reveal them all):

1) start with hair and makeup... one imperfection is enough to completely ruin a photo. When it happened to me it was the most unbearable five minutes of my entire life!

2) work with the lights! It's better to take pictures outdoors… Quinn taught me to take advantage of natural light! Let's face it: filters are cheap stuff!

3) the most IMPORTANT rule: always be at ease, because there is nothing more fashion of self-confidence!

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Follow my tips... likes and hearts are guaranteed!

How to tidy up your closet in a perfect way… or nearly!

Ha, my room! Perfumed, neat and perfect just as me… if not for Maggie’s knick-knacks always around, this would be my realm!

It’s a good thing that I can cheer up with my favorite side of the room: the closet!

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Do you also want a perfect closet like mine? Then follow my super exclusive advice.

- tidy all the outfits following the 3C rules: Color, Cloth and… Cool effect!

- tidy up the belts, foulards, necklaces and purses by hanging small hooks on the sides of your closet (so you’ll use all the space there is in it, really all of it).

- a diva mirror is E-SSEN-TIAL. Hang one in the inside part of the door of your closet so that you can look at how wonderful you are before going out.

Now it’s your turn! C’mon get to work and organize your closet following Bianca’s style!