Are you Maggie or Bianca?

Are you Maggie or Bianca?

  1. Never missing in your purse:

    • smartphone
    • LookBook
    • lipgloss
    • headphones
  2. Your perfect boyfriend:

    • Has to be sweet, romantic and sensitive… like Quinn!
    • A guy like Jacques, a little snobby and preppy but also caring
  3. Your favorite MoodBoards’ song:

    • In My Shoes
    • I Will Sing
    • Infinite Sky
    • Never Give Up
  4. Your outfit for an important party:

    • multicolored, with a lot of accessories you created
    • chiffon outfit, striking necklace and… terrific high heels!
  5. You dream to become a:

    • fashion designer
    • singer
  6. The perfect travel destination:

    • Paris, chic and exclusive
    • Milan, modern and always fashionable
    • Los Angeles, fun-loving and happy-go-lucky
    • London, where vintage is super GO.ZY.

    You’re just like Maggie! Cheerful, over-the-top and… always positive! You love creating objects and accessories on your own because you’re unique, and you want everything to reflect it, necklaces and scarves included! ;)


    Exactly like Bianca, you like whatever rhymes with "exclusive"! Your style is always chic and sophisticated, but… deep down you hide a sensitive heart, that beats for the sweetest guy of the class! You love music and your biggest dream is to become a singer!

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