Who should you sit next to at school?

Who should you sit next to at school?

  1. Your favorite subject:

    • History
    • Mathematics
    • Gym
    • Art
  2. Your snack is:

    • yoghurt
    • tuna sandwich
    • chocolate bar
    • biscuits or crackers
  3. Exams, in three words, stand for:

    • so much anxiety
    • easy as pie
  4. Your top grade at the Fashion Academy would be in:

    • Fashion History
    • Song writing
    • Sketch Design
    • Photography
  5. You have a seat in class:

    • in the front row
    • at the back
  • EDU!

    Contagious energy and lots of fun are guaranteed! You should sit next to Edu!


    Strictness with a hint of shrewdness… you should sit next to Nausica to get top grades!


    You wanna talk about the latest hit or the latest trend on the runway? Then go have your seat next to Bianca!

  • QUINN!

    You need to sit right next to a true friend, always ready to listen to you or help you, someone like Quinn!

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