Which is your favourite holiday?

Which is your favourite holiday?

  1. Which is your favourite holiday?

    • is neat and tidy
    • is essential
    • is messy
    • is always full
  2. Your favourite travel-mates:

    • mum and dad
    • your best-friends
    • your class-mates
    • your boyfriend
  3. You prefer travelling

    • by car
    • by train
    • by plane
    • by boat
  4. The souvenir for your best-friend:

    • a postcard with a dedication
    • a necklace made by you
    • a notepad with your drawings
    • every time it's a surprise!
  5. Your holiday theme:

    • I will sing
    • Here we go
    • The Soundtrack of our Lives
    • Music is everywhere
  • #Paris

    Charming and romantic, Paris is the ideal destination for a sweet and dreamy girl like you!

  • #NewYork

    You are curious and your perfect holiday destination is New York, with its endless exciting things and spots to visit!

  • #London

    Markets, music festivals and unforgettable nights with your friends… London is perfect for an energetic person like you!

  • #Rome

    Holidays for you are a time to spend with the people you love, with no stress or hurry. Rome is waiting for you!

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