Quinca, Jaggie, Belipe or Mandrew?

Quinca, Jaggie, Belipe or Mandrew?

  1. Which hobby do you and your boy share?

    • listening to the songs of your favorite musicians
    • you enjoy going out together and chat
    • going shopping and super fashion couple selfie
    • basically, you're polar opposites
  2. For you, love is:

    • rich of surprises
    • complicated
    • sweet and romantic
    • super anxiety!
  3. The MoodBoards' song that better describes you is:

    • Infinite Sky
    • The Soundtrack of our Lives
    • Here we are
    • Anytime, Any Day, Anywhere
  4. Which kiss of the series touched you most?

  5. Your heart's beating fast… which emoji do you choose?

  • #Quinca

    The love story with your boy is sweet, extremely sweet! Just as Bianca and Quinn, you also proove that opposits attract each other!

  • #Jaggie

    Love always passes by friendship first and, just as Maggie and Jacques, you and your boy are super friends above all!

  • #Belipe

    Ups and downs, surprises, turn of events and lots of selfies… it never gets boring with you and your boy, just like with Bianca and Felipe!

  • #Mandrew

    You and your boy are just like Maggie and Andrew… a dynamo of creativity! Have you ever thought about starting a band?

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