What is your 2019 going to be like?

What is your 2019 going to be like?

  1. Choose an image to describe your 2018:

  2. At the top position of your good resolutions list there is:

    • Joining a gym
    • Reading at least 10 books
    • Spending more time with your friends
    • Learning something new
  3. Your favourite colour:

  4. To change look you choose:

    • A new haircut
    • A new rucksack for school
  5. Choose the #mood for the new year:

    • #fashion
    • #rock
    • #happy
    • #crazy
  • Adventurous

    You are not scared of challenges and you are ready to face 2019 just as if it was a big adventure. That's the right spirit!

  • Romantic

    Your 2019 will be all about tenderness and feelings. Get ready to be swamped with lots of heart emojis!

  • Creative

    2018 hasn't really been your best year, but 2019 will bring you lots of surprises and twists…. You certainly won't get bored!

  • Trendy

    For you, who always care about details, 2019 will be a super trendy year. Your outfits will be very popular and you will always be perfect in every occasion!

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