What is your ideal Halloween costume?

What is your ideal Halloween costume?

  1. Trick or treat?

    • treat
    • trick
    • ?!
  2. Choose an emoji:

  3. To you Halloween is:

    • too scary
    • fun with friends
    • an excuse to be the trendiest girl
  4. You are more scared of:

    • a bad mark at school
    • missing the first day of sale
    • your smartphone falling on the floor
  • Rock princess

    You are very stylish even at Halloween and you have the most beautiful and smartest costume of all! Just like Bianca, the "Rock princess" costume is perfect for you!

  • Technological alien

    Halloween is really not your favourite holiday. However, if you have to choose a costume your goal is… amazing everyone! Why don't you try Nausica's "Technological alien" style this year?

  • Native American

    You love Halloween and you love coming up every year with a more and more GO.ZY. costume! Why don't you get inspired by Edu and Yuki this year and you dress up as a '"Native American"? Howgh!

  • Repeat the test